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Program Management

A program is defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States as a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually.  Programs may include elements of related work outside of the scope of the discrete projects in the program.  Program management is the coordinated management of a program to achieve the program's strategic objectives and benefits.

The Association for Project Management (APM) in the United Kingdom defines "Progamme" as a group of related projects and change management activities that together achieve beneficial change for an organisation. Programme management is the coordinated management of projects and change management activities to achieve beneficial change.

An understanding of project management is needed for effective program/progamme management, and most project management approaches, concepts, tools and knowledge is also useful for managing programs.  However a robust body of knowledge, applications, information and technology are emerging for the management of programs (programmes).  Access to some of those resources are provided below.


General Information

160529 - PM Guru LOGOProgram Management Tools and Techniques – These include the application of systems engineering, use of Interface Control Documentation, use of Milestone Alignment charts for schedule integration, use of a Staffing Management Plan for personnel resource alignment, and more. Go to: http://www.projectmanagementguru.com/program.html  Olawale





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