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How to Change the World

How to Change the World

How to Change the World

How does positive change happen? Most desired changes occur through projects, whether sponsored by individuals, businesses, non-profits or governments. Whether your project is to build a house or road, create or improve a school, launch a new product or business, or change an organization, it needs to be planned, financed, implemented and managed in order to be successful. Projects can be large or small, complicated or straightforward, and found in all locations, industries and organizations. Projects all change the world, some in significant and historic ways, and the lives of their stakeholders.

For these reasons the interest in project management has grown exponentially around the world in recent years. The body of knowledge related to project management has also grown rapidly and is now documented in various books, standards and qualifications in Australia, Europe, North America and elsewhere.

In fully developed countries, there is a vast amount of information available about project management, in books, journals and other sources, and available through academic, corporate and public libraries. We take access to such information for granted. In many locations, however, access to such information is not available, or available only at a significant cost.

Much information is available on the worldwide web, but how can you tell if it’s true and it cannot compare to the organized and indexed resources available in libraries.

The PM World Library (www.pmworldlibrary.net) has been created to bridge this gap, providing a global online resource for knowledge sharing and continuous learning related to program and project management. Modeled after a traditional library, it is not a blog or a commercial website but a digital library for those involved with projects.

Full PM World Library access is FREE to residents of 80+ low-income countries (according to rankings by the World Bank – see list here). Projects in these countries can be transformative for individuals, communities and countries. The library can help them help themselves! Not aid! Empowerment!

Full access is also FREE to students worldwide for two years; for others where projects and project managers might also need help, the cost is low, equal to a few cups of coffee.

Our Vision – An online library of resources that can help create positive change in the world more rapidly and more successfully.

Our Mission - To provide easy and free or low-cost access to program and project management knowledge and information to those engaged in positive change projects around the world.

Ownership – The PM World Library is owned and maintained by PM World, a small US-based company founded and owned by experienced project management experts living in Australia, England and the United States. PM World also publishes the PM World Journal (PMWJ) (ISSN 2330-4480), a monthly online publication created by a virtual team of contributors and editors around the world. Each month, the PMWJ features dozens of articles, papers and stories about projects and project management in different countries and industries. PM World is a virtual organization reflecting the 21st century reality of a connected world where individuals and organizations worldwide can collaborate for the creation, sharing and application of new knowledge for positive change.

Our History – The library was originally created in 2014 as an archive for original articles and papers published in the PMWJ. It was expanded on the recognition that no library for project management exists that offers access to databases and resources like those available through traditional academic and public libraries.

Today – The library already includes several thousand original articles, papers and other works related to program and project management. It includes references and access to useful resources worldwide. In May 2015, access to several massive databases was added through an agreement with EBSCO, one of the world’s largest database providers for libraries.

Our Future – The plan is to create the world’s largest independent online library devoted to program and project management, by adding access to more databases, books, magazines, journals, information sources and other resources. These resources will be FREE to students and residents of low-income countries, but available to all who need them at low or no cost.

The PM World Library – a Global Resource

International Advisors and Correspondents – The PM World Library is supported by teams of global project management advisors, international academic advisors and international correspondents. Over 50 countries are represented among these teams, which include some of the world’s most respected project management academic and professional leaders. To see the various teams, go to https://pmworldlibrary.net/team/ 

World maps of PMWL members

Authors from Around the World – The PM World Library already contains works by more than 600 authors in 60+ countries. Authors include experts, industry executives, practitioners, professional leaders, professors and students, addressing a wide range of topics. Visit the Author Showcase in the library at https://pmworldlibrary.net/author-showcase/


PM World Collection – The library now contains over 1,500 articles, papers and other works originally published in the PM World Journal, and is growing by 30-40 new works each month. The PM World Collection provides readers with first-hand knowledge and experience related to planning and managing projects.

Free Book DrawingsBooks, Journals, Magazines, Publications – The library already provides access to hundreds of books and thousands of magazines, journals and other publications. For example, gain access to the full text of articles published in the Harvard Business Review since 1922. Individual books and subscriptions would cost thousands of dollars if purchased separately; all are available in the library. For many, these resources would not otherwise be available.

Professional & Educational Resources –The library will contain access to professional organizations, standards, qualifications, conferences and other information and access to academic programs, online courses and other educational resources. The library includes sections on major projects, public resources, blogs and websites, commercial products and services, research services, other libraries and other information. Resources available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USA and other locations are included.

PROJECTS CHANGE LIVES – All projects change the lives of those who are involved. If a project is successful, then the results of the project often change many more lives in positive and dramatic ways. In many case, lives and communities are transformed! That is the power of project management!


Help us create the world’s best resource for project management knowledge and information. Support the world’s change agents. Gain access to these resources for your own projects, while helping others around the world! Become a member now!