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Welcome to the PM World Library, an online resource for continuous learning and knowledge sharing related to program and project management (P/PM).  The PM World Library has been established to provide readers with access to both the PM World Collection, contents originally published in the PM World Journal (PMWJ) or created by PMWJ authors, and other useful sources of P/PM information and knowledge.  The PM World Library is a specialist library, a global resource for those seeking information about planning and managing programs and projects anywhere in the world, in various industries, conditions and environments.

Our authors and readers are located around the world.  We hope to create value; in that regard, we welcome feedback.  If you want to see something different, or have an opinion about what you find here, please contact us.  Hopefully the contents of the PM World Library will be educational or useful to you.


Contents of the PM World Library have been organized into the following categories:

  • Author Showcase – Alphabetical listing and showcase webpages for individual authors, with access to their works in the library
  • PM World Collection – Articles, papers and other works originally published in the PMWJ, or provided by PMWJ authors, organized and searchable by various category, type or topic
  • P/PM Books & eBooks – News articles about and review of new P/PM books; publisher information; access to P/PM eBooks
  • P/PM Magazines & Journals – Links to P/PM magazines and journals around the world, including both open access and paid subscriptions
  • P/PM Blogs & Websites – Links to popular and useful P/PM blogs and websites worldwide
  • P/PM News - a robust set of P/PM news resources, including PM World News, professional news, public news and relevant news from projects, organizations and institutions worldwide
  • P/PM Public Resources – Links to useful P/PM information available from public (mostly governmental) sources around the world
  • P/PM Profession – Listing of and links to P/PM professional associations and societies, professional standards and qualifications around the world, organized by geography
  • Schools & Universities – Listing of and links to schools and universities with well respected undergraduate and graduate degree programs related to P/PM;
  • Databases – Access to database services for research purposes, normally available only through academic libraries or at high cost; available for scholars and researchers at a discounted rate
  • P/PM Marketplace – listing and links to providers of commercial P/PM products ands services, including consultancies, education/training providers, software and technology solutions, and other related resources
  • Other Resources & Services – Other information resources and services normally available through academic and public libraries, including economic, geographic and technical information.

Within each category, new contents and information resources will be added on a continuous basis.  So check back frequently.


Whether you are new to professional P/PM, or experienced in the field, there is always more to learn.  With the wide range of programs and projects in industries and locations around the world today, and with such a wide variety of conditions and environments, it is impossible to learn all there is to know about P/PM from experience alone.

In addition, because most projects last for many months and often years, most individuals gain hands-on experience on just a few major projects during her or his career.  Although some gain experience on more projects, when the projects are short in duration or in part-time or consulting roles, few gain detailed experience on too many different types of projects.  Learning from others is necessary in this field.

The P/PM bodies of knowledge continue to grow and expand as new research is undertaken, new concepts are introduced, the significance of new factors is recognized, new conditions are experienced, new sets of stakeholders are encountered, new tools and technologies are developed, and other new factors come into play.

For these and other reasons, continuous learning is absolutely necessary in the P/PM field.  For some individuals and organizations, it will be critical, as competition for P/PM competence and performance increases on a global basis.  For most of us, continuous learning is needed to learn, recognize and use the best P/PM, to increase the probability of success on our programs and projects, and to advance our careers.  The PM World Library is intended to provide a global resource for continuous learning in the P/PM field.


PM World supports the creation and sharing of P/PM knowledge through the PM World Journal and PM World Library.  Our authors have agreed with this mission and offer their knowledge to our readers worldwide.  Neither we nor our authors expect all readers to find everything important, useful or worthwhile.  So browse through the library and read what is useful or interesting to you.

And if you have some P/PM knowledge or experience to share, consider submitting an article or paper for publication in the PMWJ.  After publication, your work will appear in the PM World Library.  Publication is easy; just contact editor@pmworldjournal.net.

For more information on publishing, see Authors.

For more information about the library, check the other drop-down tabs on the library home page or contact help@pmworldlibrary.net