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The PM World Library (PMWL) is intended to be a useful resource for graduate students, academic researchers, professionals and others engaged in scholarly research related to program and project management (P/PM).


Free access to the PMWL is available to PhD students, post-graduate researchers and professors of project management who are engaged in program/project management research and who agree to publish their research results through the PM World Journal and PM World Library.  To become a PMWL Research Scholar or for more information about this program, click here.


The PMWL contains articles, papers, case studies, news articles, reports and other works originally published in the PM World Journal (PMWJ) that might provide useful background information or references for research projects.  We offer two options for searching the PMWL:

  • Website SEARCH function – located at the top right of the PMWL website, the search function provides a quick search of library contents on key words or tags.  Results of such searches should be reported quickly by title and in chronological order.
  • Search of PM World Collection – articles, papers and other contents of the PMWL have been tagged according to a range of categories and topics, including project phases, levels of application, professional bodies of knowledge, standards and others.

Most articles and papers have author contact information at the end of the work, so researchers can also contact individual authors for more information; most will appreciate the interest.


The PMWL now provides access to several EBSCO databases, including the EBSCO Corporate Source Plus database of thousands of business and management publications from around the world.  We will seen offer access to other global databases for serious scholarly research purposes.  All databases in the PMWL are accessable through the Scholar Membership level. 

Check the RESEARCH section of the PMWL website or contact [email protected] for more information.


Research related to P/PM can be showcased through news articles in the monthly PMWJ.  Researchers, research networks, research conferences, research programs and the universities themselves can be the subjects of news stories published in the PMWJ.  Read the PM Research News section of the PMWJ each month to see what other researchers are doing.  Check the RESEARCH section of the library for ongoing research programs, resources and information.

Those conducting web-based surveys or research, or who are looking for practitioners to participate in studies, can have their projects and surveys posted in the PMWL.  Contact [email protected].

For more information, contact [email protected].


If you need additional research support, contact [email protected]


While the PMWJ is not a refereed journal, it provides an easy and straightforward means of publishing articles and papers related to P/PM.  If you have research results, new models or methodologies or new knowledge to share, and want to spread the word more quickly, consider submitting a paper for publication in the PMWJ.

If  peer reviewed publication is not needed, consider publishing your research results in the PMWJ.  Contact [email protected]


If you are not yet a featured author in the PMWL, consider submitting previously published works for the library.  Previously published works can include previously published magazine or journal articles, works originally published in a language other than English, papers originally included in conference proceedings, white papers originally published on websites, or other older documents.  You must own copyright or have obtained rights to republish such works.

If so, consider republishing the works in the PMWJ or simply posting them in the PMWL. Benefits will include recognition and visibility for authors, visibility for and access to papers with significant ongoing value, opportunities to share important knowledge, and the possibility of making a difference in the world.

All authors in PMWL receive FREE access and membership

For more information, contact [email protected].