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The PM World Library (PMWL) contains educational and informative resources for students, scholars and educators around the world.  The PMWL includes articles, case studies, papers and other educational works related to program and project management (P/PM).  Access to other educational and informative P/PM resources are provided, along with aids for both professional and scholarly research.  Visibility can be provided for authors, researchers, schools and universities.


The PM World Collection contains articles, papers, case studies, reports and other works published in the monthly PM World Journal (PMWJ), many of which can provide excellent supplementary reading for P/PM courses.  PMWL authors have agreed that their works can be downloaded for personal or educational use, so educators should feel free to use PMWJ content for teaching purposes.  We also encourage both educators and students to contact individual authors for more information; most will appreciate the feedback and personal contact.  For students interested in P/PM certification, reading and studying papers in the PMWL can earn continuing education credits.

Students receive FREE access to the PMWL


PM World cooperates with major publishers of P/PM books worldwide.  Visit the Books & eBooks section of the PMWL to learn about new P/PM books, to access eBooks, to find reviews of recent books and to access publisher information.  If you see a book that you might like to use for a course, we can help coordinate special offers and discounts with publishers, even sometimes introduce you to the authors of the books.


The PMWL provides access to articles, papers, books, journals, magazines, public resources and other sources of information, news, products and services related to P/PM.  All contents of the PMWL are intended to be educational.  If you are seeking something that you cannot find in the PMWL, please contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net.

Students at accredited universities worldwide are entitled to two years of FREE Scholar membership in the PM World Library.  For information, click here.

Click here for Offer for Students of Project Management.  Dowload and share this information with your students, a great handout for a project management course to start a new semester.

Make your students aware of the PMWJ at www.pmworldjournal.net and PMWL at www.pmworldlibrary.net.  Discuss some of the contents or papers in class.


The SEARCH function on the PMWL website can be effective for identifying articles and papers in the library related to specific topics.  To research library contents on well known topics, visit the PM World Collection to find search options associated with selected categories, application levels, project phases, bodies of knowledge, standards, industries and other criteria.

The PMWL now provides access to several EBSCO databases, including the EBSCO Corporate Source Plus database of thousands of business and management publications from around the world.  We will seen offer access to other global databases for serious scholarly research purposes.  All databases in the PMWL are accessable through the Scholar Membership level.

Research related to P/PM can be showcased through news articles in the monthly PMWJ.  We can also provide direct support of individual research projects, by publicizing the research, highlighting research or survey needs and providing links to research-related websites or contacts.

Check the RESEARCH section of the PMWL website or contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net for more information.



While the PMWJ is not a refereed journal, it is a professional publication with a reputation for highly experienced and qualified authors, a strong network of global advisors, and a commitment to high quality and professional content.  The PMWJ offers an easy and straightforward means for publishing articles and papers related to P/PM.  If you have research, models, methodologies, experience or other knowledge to share, consider submitting a paper for publication in the PMWJ.  If a peer review is not necessary, or too slow, let us publish your work and help you share your knowledge worldwide. For more information, visit http://pmworldjournal.net/authors/

The PMWL also contains previously published works, where authors retain or obtain copyright and republication rights/permissions.  If you have papers or research results previously published at a conference, in a language other than English, or in another publication long ago, consider adding it to the PMWL.  You the author will receive an Author Showcase webpage, author visibility, and the opportunity to share your works with a new global network of readers. Contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net



Educators can gain visibility and positive publicity in the PMWL for their educational programs and universities in several ways.  If your school offers a degree program related to P/PM, either at the undergraduate or graduate level, a listing can be provided in the Schools & Universities section of the PMWL.

When authoring an article or paper, your host university can be highlighted after the author profile.

PM World also publishs news articles about schools, PM courses, professors and PM events at universities.  If you would like your school to be more visible around the world of professional P/PM, consider submitting an article or paper for publication in the PMWJ.


For more information, contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net