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Like any industry or professional field, the world of program and project management (P/PM) contains various dimensions and segments.  We have identified the following as key elements of the World of P/PM:

  • P/PM Research – academic, organizational and professional research related to new P/PM concepts, ideas, issues, solutions, theories
  • P/PM Knowledge – the result of research, the ever expanding body of knowledge related to planning, organizing and managing projects, programs, portfolios and project-oriented enterprises
  • P/PM Knowledge Sharing (Publishing) – the books, journals, magazines, videos and other media through which P/PM knowledge is documented and disseminated
  • P/PM Education – formal education in colleges and universities; commercial and professional courses and educational activities; e-Learning; in-house training
  • P/PM Industry (applications, practice and experience – programs and projects) – the millions of programs and projects in actual organizations around the world where P/PM knowledge is applied; and the organizations where P/PM is implemented, failures and successes are experienced, and lessons are learned (or not!)
  • P/PM Products, Services & Technologies – the supplier marketplace of P/PM software solutions, consulting services, turnkey contractors, and emerging technologies
  • P/PM Profession – the organizations that set standards, provide qualifications, conduct conferences and other events, create communities of interest, and serve the growing P/PM profession around the world
  • P/PM People, Careers & Communities – the leaders, experts and practitioners involved in the above; the physical and virtual communities they create; social networks; employment, career and job changing issues (a normal and enormous aspect of project-based work)
  • P/PM Context & Environment – the cultural, economic, geographic, historical, political and social conditions in which the above dimensions exist and operate

Clearly there is overlap between and among these sectors. The PM World Library is intended to provide information related to all of these important elements of the World of P/PM.  If you have a question or want information related to P/PM, we hope that you can turn to the PM World Library for answers.

It may take some time to achieve this vision, but with more authors, friends and stakeholders, a truly global resource can be created.  Tell your co-workers and colleagues.  Become a Friend of the PM World Library.

If you have questions or want more information, contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net