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PM World Library welcomes readers from all countries, organizations and backgrounds, whether experienced or not.  We expect readers will include seasoned executives, practicing professionals, students and scholars, government officials, investors and other interested parties.  In other words, all P/PM stakeholders.  Most people can benefit from additional P/PM knowledge or information.

Readers primarily seeking Continuous Learning:

Practicing P/PM professionals – those involved with leading project teams and or managing projects and programs, including those new to P/PM and those involved for many years.  These are the ones for whom continuous learning is most critical.

Executives – those involved in the strategic aspects of selecting, financing and initiating programs and projects; hiring and overseeing program and project managers; dealing with external stakeholders and influencing factors; and realizing the benefits, value and risks of modern P/PM

Educators – those involved with teaching P/PM at schools, universities and in commercial training organizations, who need to stay abreast of latest developments and trends, including new books, and who might need access to articles, case studies or papers to support coursework.

Scholars and Researchers – academic researchers and faculty members conducting serious research in new aspects of P/PM, often resulting in papers, presentations and sometimes books.  Can also include professionals and experts not associated with academic institutions, conducting research in support of professional papers and books.

P/PM Professional Leaders – those involved with leading the world’s P/PM professional associations, societies and organizations must stay abreast of news and developments affecting the P/PM profession and their own organizations.


Readers primarily seeking New Knowledge

Students – those studying in schools and universities, either specializing in P/PM or taking P/PM courses.

Practitioners and Professionals new to P/PM – those on teams and in organizations, industries and geographic locations where P/PM is new, newly introduced or badly needed

Executives of organizations new to P/PM – many executives have much to learn about P/PM, especially those where modern P/PM is newly introduced, either organically, by contract or for some other reasons.

Officials and Public Servants – those responsible for managing or overseeing publicly funded programs and projects, in all countries, must have a basic knowledge of P/PM.

Access to the PM World Library is offered in several membership categories:

  • Friends of the Library (Basic Reader Members) – with access to the Author Showcase, PM World Collection, Books Information, Blogs, News, Public Resources, Schools, Profession & PM Websites
  • Professionals – with access to all contents except databases, including eBooks and Journals
  • Scholars – with access to all contents, including Databases and Journals for research purposes
  • Institutional Readers (Readers working in Government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and Not for Profits) – group rate for access by 10+ readers in single organizations – access to all at the Professional Reader level
  • Corporate Readers (Groups of Readers within single for profit companies) – group rates for access by multiple readers in for-profit companies; rates depending on size of company or organization – access to all at the Professional Reader level

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