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Basic PPM Processes and Topics

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This section of the PM World Library (PMWL) is intended to provide access to resources related to specific Program/Project Management (P/PM) applications, concepts and topics.  There are thousands of resources available worldwide in these categories, many of which we will attempt to identify.  We hope those included will be useful to some of you or your organizations.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please check back from time to time.

Note: Most of the resources provided in this section are formatted as citations, with links to the online resources, as a service to authors, researchers and students.  If useful and as appropriate, citations can simply be copied as references

Note 2: Recognizing that searching the internet and various websites for relevant references can be a time consuming chore for many students and researchers. So we have tried to simplify the search process, by organizing resources according to common and emerging topics. That is the purpose of this section of the library. We hope it helps you find what you are looking for.


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History and Future of Modern Project Management

History of Project Management

Future of Project Management

Project Lifecycle - Project Management Processes

Project Life Cycle - General

Project Development: Business Cases, Feasibility/Financial Analysis, Investment

Project Planning

Assumptions, Requirements, Specifications for Projects

Breakdowns Structures (WBS, OBS, CBS...)

Project Controls (project performance assessment and management)

Project Termination, Shutdown, Completion, Closeout

Post-Project Transition & Operations



Agile Project Management

Basic - Introductory Project Management

Benefits Realization Management (BRM) + Outcomes

Best Practices in Project Management

Communication - for Program and Project Management

Competency in Project / Program Management

Configuration Management

Contracting / Procurement Management

Contract Disputes in Projects

Cost Estimating

Cost Control, Reporting and Management

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Enterprise Project Management

Human Resources Management (HRM) and People Management for P/PM

Hybrid Project Management: Agile, Waterfall, Mixed Approaches

Leadership in Project Management

Negotiating in Project Management

Portfolio Management

Process Improvement

Product Management

Project Finance

Project or Program Management Office (PMO)

Program Management

Quality Management

Risk Management

Opportunity (Upside Risk) Analysis, Capture, Management

Scheduling and Time Management

Scope Management

Software, Tools and Technologies for PPM

Stakeholder Management (Engagement and Relations)

Customers/Users of Project Outputs

Supply Chain Management

Teamwork and Team Leadership

Virtual Projects & Virtual Project Management

Women in Project Management

Work - Life Balance in Project Management


Agility - Agile Decision Making and Management

Alliances, Collaboration, Partnering

Asset Management and Projects/Project Management

Audits - Projects and Project Management

Benchmarking in Project Management

Business Analysis and Project Management

Business Improvement and Project Management

Business of Project Management / Project Business Management

Change Management and Project Management

Complexity & Project Management

Contexts in Projects & Project Management

Corruption in Projects & Project Management

Crisis Project Management

Cultural Intelligence in Project Management

Cyber and Data Security - Security of Project Data, Information and Systems

Diversity in Projects & Project Management

Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

Entrepreneurship and Project Management

Ethics in Project Management

Failures in Projects and Project Management

Governance - of Programs, Projects, Project Management

Impact of Significant Events on Projects & PM

Internships in Project Management

Knowledge Management & PM

Lean Project Management

Lessons Learned in Projects & PPM

Marketing and Project Management

Maturity in Project/Program Management (Organizational)

Mindfulness and Project Management

Politics and Projects / Project Management

Project Management Information System (PMIS) Development, Selection, Training

Recovery / Turnaround Project Management

Sponsorship (of Project and Project Management)

Strategic Planning/Management and Program/Project Management

Success Factors in Project Management

Sustainability and Project Management

Urgency in Projects & Project Management

Value of Project Management


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Projects & PM in Personal Lives

Marriage & Weddings

Funerals - End of Life Projects

Other Personal Projects in Everyday Life

More Coming Soon

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