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Lessons Learned

PM World Collection

There are several articles and papers related to this topic previously published in the PM World Journal and now included in the PM World Collection at http://pmworldlibrary.net/pm-world-collection/Click here, scroll down and click on key words or topics.


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Five Ways to Utilize Lessons Learned After a Project is an online article that provides suggestions to help project managers plan a software project that incorporates lessons learnt from previous projects. The best thing about the article is the simple yet powerful and easy to implement suggestions that could make big differences in the way projects are managed and the culture that is built in the organisation. The article was published on project-management.com, a web-app marketplace.  (Kaushik)

7 Tips for Project Management Success in 2017 – an article published in May 4th, 2017 by Andrew Conrad in Capterra Project Management Blog. Some effective advice is given in the article in order to boosts employability and efficiency of project managers. To read article, go to: http://blog.capterra.com/7-tips-for-project-management-success-in-2017/ (Aliakbarova)


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