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Ovya RK




Ovya RK

Mumbai International School of Business (MISB) Bocconi
Mumbai, India



Ovya RK is currently pursuing her post graduate degree in Business at MISB Bocconi, India. Ovya holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Biotechnology. During her professional experience, Ovya has coordinated with different clients in the Pharmaceutical sector assisting in the execution, monitoring and control of various projects. This steered her towards discovering her passion for Project Management and Consulting.

Major Field of Study: Consulting and Business Administration

Research interests: Project Management, Strategy Management, Management Consulting, Supply Chain and International logistics, Projects execution and control, Agile Project Management, Risk Management

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Ovya can be contacted at ovya.15@gmail.com

Start date: November 2017

180610 - SDA Bocconi Graduate Student in India Completes PMWL Research Internship


Research results

180604 - Ovya RK - Communication Strategy Framework

180527 - Ovya RK - Post-Implementation Reviews

180520 - Ovya RK - Project Management Lessons Learned from Failed Projects

180512 - Ovya RK - The Impact of Internet of Things Unification with Project Management Disciplines in project-based organizations

180506 - Ovya RK - Women Project Managers - The Exploration of Their Challenges

180427 - Ovya RK - Get Your Team to Do What It Says It's Going to Do

180418 - Ovya RK - The Effect of Risk Aversion on a Supply Chain with Postponed Pricing

180414 - Ovya RK - Managing Supply Chain Knowledge-based Linkages for Improving Operational Performance

180409 - Ovya RK - The Impact of Supply Chain Agility on Business Performance in a High Level Customization Environment

180404 - Ovya RK - Overlaps between Human Resources Strategic Planning and Strategic Management Tools in Public Organizations

180331 - Ovya RK - Successive Cost Estimation - Successful Budgeting of Major Projects

180328 - Ovya RK - EU-funded Project Management in the Context of Suppliers and Contractors Selection

180322 - Ovya RK - Agile use in big data management projects

180213 - Ovya RK - Project Management in Medical Publication Writing

180208 - Ovya RK - Complexity of Project Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

171213 - Ovya RK - eGovernment Projects in India

171203 - Ovya RK - PMI Mumbai Chapter