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Welcome to the PM World Library

The PM World Library (PMWL) is a global resource for continuous learning in the field of program and project management (P/PM), including portfolio management.  The PMWL also provides a means for staying abreast of changes in the profession, breaking news and general intelligence about the changing conditions affecting projects, programs and project oriented organizations around the world.  Learn about new books, new concepts, new research and other information to advance your career, to help your team be more successful and to strengthen your organization.

Potential Members

If you are considering PMWL membership, please review the member benefits carefully.  We think you will find membership will prove valuable to both your career and your organization.  Project management is not rocket science, but neither is it easy.  Depending on the size, nature or complexity of your project, planning and managing the effort can be daunting.  In most organizations, senior program and project managers are the ones with the most experience.  But experience alone does not lead to knowing enough in today's world of global economies and communications, rapidly changing technologies, changing team dynamics, changing economic and political conditions, and other factors affecting many organizations around the world.  Continuous learning is essential, for both individuals and organizations.  Consider joining the PM World Library.

New Members

If you are a new library member, we suggest that you first study "How to Use the PM World Library".  The PMWL already contains much content, which is increasing on a continuous basis.  The plan is create a truly global P/PM resource.  And as with any library, reviewing or reading all works and references in the library at one time is not realistic.  Set an objective for each visit, find the appropriate section and take a few notes.  We've tried to provide easy navigation, but some may still get lost.  If that occurs, just start over at the "Home" page.

If you have questions, problems or comments about anything in the library, contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net.