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The PM World Library (PMWL) is an educational resource for students of program and project management (P/PM) around the world.  The PMWL contains educational articles, papers and stories about P/PM (see the PM World Collection), as well as information about books, journals, magazines and other websites.  The PMWL is also intended to assist students with research critical to their studies.

In addition, as P/PM is adopted by more organizations and industries on a global basis, more young professionals need to know something about project management, regardless of their fields of study or career choices.  Everyone encounters projects today; we all need some understanding of how projects and programs are created, planned, financed and managed, and how the benefits from programs and projects can be realized.  And as the importance of programs and projects continues to increase, that need for basic P/PM knowledge and education will also grow.


Many students have already registered in the PM World Library.  Click here for list of universities around the world where they are studying.


Most of the authors of articles, papers and other works contained in the PMWL are experienced project managers, practicing P/PM professionals or leaders in the profession.  Many are experts in the P/PM field, authors of textbooks and guides, some with decades of experience.  Their published works are often educational on multiple levels.

You will find articles and stories about P/PM applications and results from many industries and locations; some of these may provide useful case studies or examples to support your coursework.

Many authors are happy to hear from students, answer questions or suggest further lines of inquiry.  Author contact information can be found at the end of each author’s profile (in the Author Showcase) or at the end of each article or paper.


Research is supported in the PMWL in three primary ways:

  • Search function – the website search function is rather robust – TRY IT!
  • PM World Collection – provides a variety of specific search options, based on tags on articles and papers in the PMWL (see PMWL table of contents)
  • Database Access – to the EBSCO Professional database of journals and publications (see PMWL table of contents)

For more information on research, visit SCHOLARS


Students worldwide are invited to submit good papers for publication in the PM World Journal (PMWJ).  Student papers should be referred by a professor, teacher or faculty member, and should generally be the result of research conducted for a project management course.  Award winning student papers are welcome.  In some cases, we can offer students a good first opportunity to publish a paper in a professional journal, a positive addition to anyone’s CV.  Student Papers should include recognition of the university, course, sponsoring professor and student author.

Student papers published in the PMWJ are archived in the PMWL.  Each student author receives an author showcase webpage in the PMWL.  For information, contact [email protected]


PM World is offering a number of unpaid internships for students enrolled at accredited universities worldwide.  Internships are intended to offer students the opportunity to learn about program/project management, digital archiving and specialist library operations, journalism, virtual teamwork and other activities.  Internships are offered on a semester-basis; interns will be under supervision of a qualified librarian, project management expert, journalist or business executive.

In some cases, internships may qualify for university credit.  (Students will be responsible for applying to their schools for credits.) Upon completion of a semester of intern work, students to receive certificate and can add position to resume for career advancement purposes.  To see current positions, click below.

PM World Internships for Students of Program/Project Management

Benefits to students: Experience working for PM World Journal or PM World Library; Full unlimited ongoing access to all contents of PM World Library; Recognition, with profile displayed on "Student Interns" pages of PM World Journal and Library websites; Introduction to PM World advisors, correspondents and other interns around the world; Certificate of Completion and Letter of Recommendation (for career/employment purposes) upon successful performance for one or more semesters.

For more information or to apply, contact [email protected]


Students represent the future of the P/PM profession.

Students of P/PM should read the PMWJ.  Find your areas of interest. Conduct some research. Author a paper, and send it to us for publication.  You will gain both visibility and credibility.  Or co-author a paper with a fellow student or a professor; share the benefits.

Push the envelope; change the discussion.  Consider how P/PM can help solve some local, regional or global problem. Propose a solution. Change the world!

We will help you.  If you have questions, have some ideas for improving the PMWL, or need more information, contact [email protected].