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Author Benefits

Many articles and papers published in conference proceedings, journals and magazines are either lost to archives or disappear completely.  The PM World Library is intended to help overcome that problem for authors of program and project management knowledge.  The PM World Library will also provide more recognition and visibility for authors of new knowledge.

The PM World Library is intended to be a global resource for those creating and seeking knowledge or information related to the planning and management of programs and projects. Interested authors should contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net.


All Authors included in the PM World Library will receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP in the PM World Library for one year, with unlimited access to the PM World Collection and other information and services.  Discounted access to eBooks, Databases and other Services may also be available.


Author Profile – the author’s summary profile will be included at the end of each article or paper published in the PM World Journal or included in the PM World Library.

Author Showcase – each author will have her or his own Author Showcase web page, with author profile, photo and links to articles and papers by the author in the PM World Library.

New Authors – each author whose profile, article or paper is included in the PM World Library for the first time will be featured in the NEW AUTHORS showcase on the library home page.

New Content – Authors of newly published or listed contents will also be featured on the library home page in the NEW ARTICLES or NEW PAPERS showcase windows.

Author News – Authors can submit news articles about their books, publications, speaking engagements or career developments.


Authors of articles or papers included in the PM World Library who are also the authors or co-authors of books related to program or project management can receive publicity for their books, as follows:

New PM Books – Newly published PM books will be showcased on the PM World Library home page on a continuous basis.  Book reviews will also be highlighted.

PM Books Section – Information about program and project management books can be found in the PM Books section of the PM World Library.

Author Profile – Each author will have the opportunity to identify and showcase PM books on her or his individual AUTHOR SHOWCASE web page.


Each author will be featured with her or his Author Showcase web page, which will include photo, summary profile, and links to all documents by the author in the PM World Library, possibly including the following:

  • Personal Information
  • Articles, Advisories, Commentaries
  • Case Studies, Papers, Reports
  • Presentations
  • News Articles & Personal Stories
  • Book Information

All contents must be approved.  To see examples, visit the AUTHOR SHOWCASE.


The value of sharing knowledge accrues to authors and readers alike.  To learn more about how others benefit from the contributions of authors of P/PM knowledge, visit “Who Benefits” at www.pmworldjournal.com.

For more information, contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net.