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The PM World Library (PMWL) is a specialist digital library containing educational and informative resources for students, educators, scholars and practitioners around the world.  The PMWL contains articles, case studies, papers and other educational works related to program and project management (P/PM) created by authors in many different organizations and locations worldwide.  Access to other educational and informative P/PM resources are provided, along with aids for both professional and scholarly research.  Visibility can be provided for authors, researchers, schools, universities and especially to publishers of P/PM related books and publications.


Authors and books can receive a high level of visibility in the PM World Journal (PMWJ), the monthly online publication that feeds content into the PMWL.  The following opportunities for author and book publicity are offered:

  • Breaking News about new books – articles can include information about authors, books and publishers, including links to purchase books.  Breaking news articles are published daily and included in the monthly PMWJ
  • Articles & Papers by book authors – new creative works by authors of P/PM-related books are welcomed for publication.  See examples at www.pmworldjournal.com
  • Book reviews – monthly book reviews are prepared through PM World’s robust book review program, in cooperation with several universities and professional organizations – see examples at http://pmworldjournal.com.

For information about these options, contact editor@pmworldjournal.com

All PMWJ contents are included in the PMWL


Each author with works included in the PMWL will have  an Author Showcase web page with his or her profile, links to articles and papers in the PMWL, book reviews and other information.  The author showcases focus attention on the creators of new P/PM knowledge, providing authors, books and publishers with well deserved visibility.

For authors without their own personal or business websites, the Author Showcase in the PMWL can become a personal archive of publications and information.

Author Showcase can include links to books and publishers websites


The Books and eBooks section of the PMWL contains information about new P/PM books, access to eBooks for library members, publisher information, drawings for free books and other information.  The PMWL can help publishers get their new titles into the hands of those who need to read them.  Contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net.

Convenient access to P/PM eBooks


Publishers of P/PM books will also be offered a Publisher Showcase webpage in the PMWL.  Publisher Showcase pages can include a summary description of the publisher’s organization, history and mission; description of the P/PM books and authors published; links to publisher preferred websites – i.e. books and authors; and other information.  Visit the Books section of the PMWL or contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net for more information.

Let the World know that you publish P/PM Books


The PMWL is intended to be an educational resource for students of all ages, especially in support of continuous education throughout one’s professional career.  The PMWL provides access to articles, papers, books, journals, magazines, public resources and other sources of information, news, products and services related to P/PM.

Publishers offer visible support of continuous education


The PMWL contains previously published works, where authors retain or obtain copyright and republication rights/permissions.  If your authors have papers or research results previously published at a conference, in a language other than English, or in another publication long ago, consider getting them into the PMWL.  Each author will receive an Author Showcase webpage, author visibility, and the opportunity to share works with a new global network of readers.

As with publishing new works, republishing can provide another opportunity to raise the visibility of books and publishers.  For more information, contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net

Authors receive FREE access to the PMWL


PM World is open to more active affiliations or partnerships with book publishers, where discounted prices or other benefits might be available to PMWL members.  If your organization offers an affiliation program or is interested in discussing a partnership, please contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net


Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities are offered for the monthly PMWJ.  Rates and terms vary.  For information, contact info2@pmworldlibrary.net.