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Institutions include such non-profit organizations as governmental agencies (national, regional, local), global aid organizations, multilateral financial institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), religious institutions, schools, universities and other registered non-profits.  Institutions are provided with a low PMWL membership rate that allows all employees access.

The PM World Journal (PMWJ) and PM World Library (PMWL) are intended to provide non-profit institutions with knowledge and information to help them better plan and manage their programs and projects.  Both the PMWJ and PMWL provide educational content for educating and developing project managers and their teams; new information from around the world of professional project and program management (P/PM); and opportunities for executives, professional staff, project managers and team members anywhere in the world to advance personally and professionally.  Most importantly, the PMWL is intended to help institutions achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently.


The programs and projects financed, planned and managed by governmental and other non-profit organizations include many of the world’s most important initiatives – international aid, economic development, education, healthcare, housing, transportation, defense and peacekeeping, and emergency responses to natural disasters, among others.  Such programs as combating starvation, treating or eradicating diseases, providing emergency food and healthcare, preventing wars or stopping them – all are important humanitarian efforts, all are implemented via programs and projects.  Many basic services provided by governments worldwide are through programs and projects.

All of these deserve the benefit of access to modern, professional P/PM expertise and knowledge.  The PMWL is intended to provide just such a global resource for non-profit institutions.

P/PM for Programs and Projects that Help the World


Modern professional P/PM can help any organization improve its ability to achieve program or project success.  Large corporations know this already; it’s why they employ so many experienced and trained program and project managers.  Non-profit organizations, however, frequently do not have such experience, resources or access to certified or educated P/PM professionals.

There is now a vast and continuously growing body of knowledge about P/PM.  This includes information, applications and knowledge that can help accomplish programs and projects in better, faster and less expensive ways, no matter the size, complexity or conditions.  We want to share that information with more leaders and teams in the non-profit world.

Visit the PM World Collection for practical and useful articles about P/PM in various industries and locations; review the books, magazines and journals listed in the PMWL; read the news feeds and articles; find useful information among the professional bodies and public resources listed.  If you cannot find what you need, contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net.

Better Project Management – Faster Results 


Continuous improvement in organizational performance today requires increased productivity, new methods and technologies for accomplishing projects, new or different resources, new approaches, and even new information.  Project managers everywhere and their teams must embrace continuous learning in order to develop new knowledge and skills, to stay abreast of changes, and to manage increasingly complex programs and projects successfully.

Each month, the PMWJ includes new articles and papers from around the world, with new P/PM topics, new perspectives, new knowledge.  The PMWJ contents are then archived in the PMWL, where they become available for searching and reading according to topic or context.  Whether individuals and teams learn a little or a lot, continuous learning can only help organizations be more successful.

Visit the PM World Collection to increase your P/PM knowledge


Even in non-profit institutions, P/PM professionals are anxious to advance their careers, through education, professional certifications and other means.  In today’s economy, with increased pressures on budgets and overheads, more organizations worldwide have reduced their investment in professional development for employees.  Many non-profits simply don’t have the resources.

The PMWJ and PMWL offer a low-cost alternative for professional learning and development.  Executives and leaders can read and share articles and papers with their teams.  Case studies and book reviews can be useful, and the news can help everyone keep up with the PM profession.  The authoring of articles and papers can bring positive benefits to authors and organizations alike.

Support Professional Development of Project Team Members


Many factors can influence the success or failure of programs and projects today, especially those involving multiple teams, multiple international locations, multiple stakeholders, significant complexity, complicated environmental considerations, new technologies and other conditions. Programs and projects financed and implemented by institutions are no exception.

The PMWL contains good sources of information for managing programs and projects, including:

  • Articles & Papers – on new and emerging aspects of P/PM
  • Books – the latest information from authors & publishers, access to eBooks at low cost
  • Journals and Magazines – online P/PM journals and magazines, plus others
  • Websites & Blogs – access to the most reputable worldwide
  • News – various news feeds related to P/PM from around the world

In addition, with rapid changes continuing in the P/PM field, information about new developments can be useful for many organizations.  In all cases, program and project managers should stay abreast of changing conditions that might affect their projects.

Each month’s edition of the PMWJ includes papers describing new research results, concepts or applications, along with news stories related to research, education, professional activities, events and other topics affecting P/PM around the world. Reports from industry and about programs and projects are included.  While it might not be everything one needs to know, all readers will find something interesting or useful.  All PMWJ contents are archived in the PMWL, so many months of information and knowledge is available.


The other side of the issue is this – organizations and leaders in many governmental and non-profit institutions have the most knowledge and experience about managing institutional programs and projects.  That knowledge should be captured and shared with others around the world.

As the population of the earth continues to grow, especially in developing economies, the need for programs and projects led by governmental and non-profit institutions is also growing dramatically.  The need for more knowledge and information about planning, financing and managing institutional programs and projects is enormous and increasing worldwide.  How can that knowledge be shared?

We encourage those with experience in this area to author articles, case studies, papers and stories about managing programs and projects.  Submit works for publication to editor@pmworldjournal.com.

We encourage students and researchers to study the institutional program and project arena.  Send the results of your research to editor@pmworldjournal.com


If your organization has news that can be shared about your programs, projects, people or P/PM, submit an article or story for publication.  If so, contact editor@pmworldjournal.com

If your executives, project managers or team members have good experience or knowledge to share, showcase it in an article or paper.  Contact editor@pmworldjournal.com

If your organization offers RSS feeds or automated distribution of news releases, we can include your news in the PMWL.  Send a link to help@pmworldlibrary.net.

Gain visibility for your organization or your important programs and projects!  Create some buzz – personal word of mouth can be very effective.  Let us know at help2@pmworldlibrary.net


The Institutional library membership allows multiple persons employed by a single non-profit organization to access the PMWL through a single registration.  The per person cost can therefore be very low, providing the highest cost benefit for everyone – institutions and individuals.  For more information and pricing, go to MEMBERS or REGISTER.




If you have questions or suggestions for how the PMWL might be more useful, contact help2@pmworldlibrary.net

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