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The implementation of Program/Project Management (P/PM) varies across industries and organizations around the world.  This section of the PM World Library is intended to provide access to information and resources related to P/PM in selected industries and types of organizations.  Organizational applications are also varied, depending on the size and structure of the enterprise as well as the size and nature of the organizational change being addressed.  We hope the information below is useful.


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Industries serving basic human needs include Agriculture and Food Production; Housing and Shelter; Water/Wastewater Treatment; Medical Treatment and Healthcare; Education; Defense, Police and Security; basic Transportation; Communication and Postal Services; and Government.

Agriculture, Farming, Fishing, Forestry

Agribusiness & Food Production/Distribution

Basic Construction

Basic Building Construction
Basic Infrastructure Construction

Electricity Generation, Storage & Distribution

Emergency Response & Humanitarian Assistance (coming soon)

Healthcare, Hospitals and Medical Services

Housing and Shelter

International Development Programs and Projects

Public Sector Programs and Projects

Transportation Infrastructure

Urban Development and Renewal


Industries associated with economic and social development, often called industrial development, include natural resource extraction, transportation and processing; various types of engineering; architecture and urban planning/development; industrial and commercial construction; infrastructure; consumer goods production, including auto and road transport; air, rail and water transportation/technologies; traditional power plants and electricity distribution; business and industrial products and services; professional services of various types; and many other industries.

Advertising and Marketing

Automobile / Automotive Industries

Aviation & Airline Industries

Banking and Finance

Commercial Property Development

Construction / Construction Management

Automation in Construction

Modern Infrastructure Construction (coming soon)

Consumer Products

Engineering & Construction

Events Planning & Management

Hospitality, Hotels, Restaurants

Marine, Shipping, Sea Transport Industries

Mining - Natural Resources (other than oil & gas)

Oil & Gas Development & Transit (Pipelines)

Pharmaceutical Industry

Power Plants, Electricity Generation & Transmission

Processing Plants, Refineries & Similar Projects

Rail Transport Industries

Smart Cities, Urban Renewal and Development

Tourism Industry


Advances in technologies associated with all of the above industries are occurring on a constant basis.  However, we include in this category such industries as various scientific fields; advanced materials; biology and biological sciences; genetics and genetic engineering; information and telecommunications technologies (ICT), including internet-related industries; aerospace and space related industries; integrated circuits, semiconductors and ICT hardware; software development, products and services; nuclear energy, security and technologies; renewable energy systems and products; weapon systems; environmental restoration and protection; climate change and management; and many others.

Business Parks, Incubators, Free Trade Zones

e-Government Programs and Projects

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

Legal Field: Arbitration, Contracts, Laws, Litigation, Negotiation, Treaties

Nuclear Energy and Security

Renewable Energy (products, projects, systems)

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Matrix Organizational Approach for Projects & PPM

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)'

Organizational Change / Transformation


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