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Lawyers and law firms need project management.  Many lawsuits, legal cases, treaties, negotiations and other legal activities are or can be viewed and managed as projects.  They have all of the characteristics of projects: start and finish, objectives, resources, stakeholders, time and quality constraints, communication and risk issues, etc. Development of new laws, treaties and international legal cases can be quite large projects, easily benefiting from established project management processes and knowledge.  Some law firms are beginning to embrace professional project management as a way to both simplify case management as well as increase the probability of success.  This page is intended to capture program/project management resources specifically aimed at those involved with legal matters.


Association of Corporate Counsel (2017) – The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is an entity created to aid and empower members in their daily jobs of representation of corporations. ACC is a vibrant and prolific professional association with chapters all over the world, representing over 40,000 corporate counsels. ACC furthermore sponsors 19 committees in different areas of law. The Association provides educational and networking tools in a vast spectrum of areas, including project management. For more about ACC, go to http://www.acc.com/ Conduct a search on the terms “project management” for even more. (Castagna)

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (2017) – Description of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, a useful resource for those working on cross border or multinational legal projects. For more, go to http://www.uncitral.org/ (Castagna)

The International Chamber of Commerce and Court of Arbitration (2017) – Description of the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Court of Arbitration, potentially useful resources for those involved in international legal cases or projects. For more, go to https://iccwbo.org/about-us/who-we-are/ (Castagna)


Guides, Rules, Standards

UNCITRAL Notes on Organizing Arbitral Proceedings (2016) – Notes of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law for the organization and management of arbitral proceedings, prepared with a particular focus for international arbitration. To read, go to http://www.uncitral.org/pdf/english/texts/arbitration/arb-notes/arb-notes-2016-e.pdf (Castagna)

Recommendations to assist arbitral institutions and other interested bodies with regard to arbitration under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (2013) – Recommendations of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law on managing arbitration under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. To read, go to https://www.uncitral.org/pdf/english/texts/arbitration/arb-recommendation-2012/13-80327-Recommendations-Arbitral-Institutions-e.pdf (Castagna)

Effective Management of Arbitration: A Guide for In-House Counsel and Other Party Representatives (2017) – Practical Guide from the International Chamber of Commerce relating to the management of arbitration proceedings. For more, go to https://cdn.iccwbo.org/content/uploads/sites/3/2017/05/effective-management-of-arbitration_english-version.pdf (Castagna)

How to Assess Legal Risk Management Practices (2008) – Matrix with checklist suitable also for project legal risk management of entities of the Association of Corporate Counsel. For more, go to http://www.acc.com/advocacy/valuechallenge/toolkit/upload/Assess-Legal-Risk-Management2.pdf (Castagna)

AIG General Litigation Management Guidelines (2012) – A guide by AIG for counsels interacting with the business for litigation purposes. Document includes guidance for creating effective budgets, managing the relationship with AIG and communicating on the status of proceedings.  The document provides as example for businesses and lawyers that need to manage their relationship with their counsel and clients respectively. For more, go to http://www.aig.com/content/dam/aig/america-canada/us/documents/brochure/2013-litigation-management-guidelines-as-of-083113-brochure.pdf (Castagna)

Articles, Blogs, Expert Opinions

Litigation Risk Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution (1986) – Bird’s eye view of Bruce L. Beron on the management of legal risk in ADR, published originally by Dispute Resolution. For more, go to http://litigationriskmanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Litigation-Risk-Management-and-ADR.pdf (Castagna)

A Brief Overview of Legal Knowledge Management (2015) – An article by Ron Friedmann published originally by Leaders in Legal Business and here republished by the Association of Corporate Counsel containing the basic concepts of knowledge management applied to legal project management. For more, go to http://www.acc.com/valuechallenge/resources/loader.cfm?csModule=security/getfile&pageid=1406770&page=/valuechallenge/index.cfm&qstring=&title=A%20Brief%20Overview%20of%20Legal%20Knowledge%20Management&recorded=1 (Castagna)

A Developing Science: Key Issues in Legal Project Management (2013) – An article from Of Counsel authored Jim Hassett and other contributors on current issues of legal project management. For more, go to http://www.legalbizdev.com/files/KeyIssuesInLegalProjectManagement-OfCounsel.pdf (Castagna)

Legal Project Management from the Inside: 10 Things Law Firm Leaders Need to Know about Implementing Legal Project Management (2011) – An article of Sheri Palomaki and Felice Wagner published by Law Practice Today, with ten key suggestion for lawyers to introduce them to the implementation of Project Management. For more, go to https://www.americanbar.org/content/dam/aba/publications/law_practice_today/legal_project_management_from_the_inside.authcheckdam.pdf (Castagna)

Legal Project Management. An evolving process (2016) – An article of Jim Hassett published by Managing Partner in February 2016, on the best practices to implement project management in law firms. For more, go to http://www.legalbizdev.com/files/LPMLegalBizDevManagingPartnermagazineFeb2016x.pdf (Castagna)


Papers, Reports, Studies

Project Management in International Arbitration (2016) – Paper by Ben Giaretta, on the use of Project Management techniques in International Arbitration, published in the McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution, Volume 3 (2016-2017), 66-85.  For more, go to https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=658002065071096125105108065088067098030040014018086061111065127075070096018069094030030053038123014014001022072114076125101096046002025038074084121114066125086099029054017095006028005089098028111099028013075100089085110084072104110089127098099115084089&EXT=pdf (Castagna)

Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution (2017) – Notes of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, drafted to provide a description of the best practices for the management of Online Dispute Resolution and its possible stages. Useful resource for those involved with international disputes and related legal projects.  To read, go to http://www.uncitral.org/pdf/english/texts/odr/V1700382_English_Technical_Notes_on_ODR.pdf (Castagna)

Managing Litigation Checklist (2015) – A resource provided by Practical Law Litigation, and addressing all major aspect of case management, from its potential birth to court proceedings and settlement. This is a useful resource for managing a litigation project.  For more, go to https://www.americanbar.org/content/dam/aba/administrative/litigation/materials/2015_corporate_counselcleseminar/Materials/1p_3_managing_litigation.authcheckdam.pdf (Castagna)

ICC Commission Report: Managing E-Document Production (2012) – A publication on e-document and case management in arbitration, taking into consideration the inherent need to preserve flexibility and cost efficiency. For more, go to http://www.icc-portugal.com/images/documentos/comissao_de_arbitragem/Managing_e-document_Report.pdf (Castagna)


Other Educational Resources

Introduction to Legal Project Management (2010) – A presentation for an introductory project management course for lawyers, with practical indications of how to set up a firm using project management techniques. This presentation was prepared for a legal services management course and aimed at attorneys and others in the legal profession.  For more, go to http://www.acc.com/advocacy/valuechallenge/toolkit/loader.cfm?csModule=security/getfile&pageid=1269731&page=/legalresources/resource.cfm&qstring=show=1269731&fromLibrary=1&title=Project%20Management%20101&recorded=1 (Castagna)

Using Legal Project Management to Drive Value (2017) – A presentation at a legal services course for the Association of Corporate Counsel with an overview of theoretical and practical tools for legal project management. For more, go to http://www.acc.com/valuechallenge/LegalServiceManagement/upload/Day-1-Driving-Real-Value-With-No-Data-the-Role-of-Project-Management.pdf (Castagna)



More coming soon

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