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Solving Global Problems


Project managers and those in the programme and project management field are uniquely positioned to help solve major global problems, ranging from disaster response to reducing poverty and lack of healthcare.  We know how to plan, implement, manage and complete projects of all kinds, from simple to complex.  We create solutions, manage change, lead teams, create new value every day; why not contribute that knowledge and expertise to solving global problems?  This section of the PM World Library is intended to provide information about and opportunities to participate in solutions.  It's January 2018 and we're just getting started.  But check out what we've added so far, then check back to learn more or get involved, either personally or through your organization.


Global Initiatives


Emergency Response / Disaster Recovery


Solving Global Human & Social Problems

Reducing Conflicts and Wars

Disease Response / Improving Healthcare / Medical Treatment

Access to Basic Education / Literacy

Reducing Famine and Hunger

Gender Equality / Women's Rights

Reducing Poverty

Homelessness / Housing

Helping Refugees / Reducing Migration Problems

Resolving Urbanization Problems

Access to Clean Water / Reducing Water Scarcity


Solving Global Environmental Problems

Addressing Climate Change / Global Warming

Environmental Restoration & Protection - Global

Land Restoration & Protection - by Geography

Ocean Restoration & Protection

Fresh Waterways Restoration & Cleanup

Clean Air - Pollution Reduction

Earth Atmosphere Restoration & Protection


Animal Rights & Protections

Domestic Animal Rescue

Wildlife Protection - Land Animals

Saving & Protecting Sea Life