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Dealing with Climate Change



Global Initiatives

Shaping the Future of Environment and Natural Resource Security - The World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Environment and Natural Resource Security brings together leading experts and practitioners to provide systems leadership, curate platforms for multi-dimensional cooperation and engage in focused interventions. The System Initiative aims to: improve the effectiveness of the international community’s response to environmental challenges; support public-private action that accelerates the climate action agenda, improves ocean health, realizes deforestation-free supply chains, enables more water-secure economies and helps unlock a trillion-dollar opportunity in the circular economy; and explore how Fourth Industrial Revolution innovations can be harnessed to address environmental issues, including redefining what effective global environmental governance looks like. Website includes access to useful articles and global projects. Visit https://www.weforum.org/system-initiatives/shaping-the-future-of-environment-and-natural-resource-security



Green Project Management (GPM) - A US-based organization established in 2009 to advance sustainability in Project Management. GPM works to help companies become more resilient, governments more efficient, and societies more robust, all while safeguarding the world’s natural resources.  To reach organization’s website, click here. (Dağli)


Papers, Reports, Studies

Climate Change and What the Project Management Profession Should Be Doing About It: A UK Perspective - A report by Prof Peter Morris of UCL, published in November 2017 by APM. Research on climate change has so far been led predominantly by physical scientists, but addressing how to mitigate and adapt to it will also require management and social science skills. Those expert in the world of projects and their management should have a significant role in this. This essay by Professor Peter Morris provides an initial scoping of where and how project management as a profession might address the implications and consequences of climate change. To read the report, click here.

Climate Change and Major Projects - A 2013 fact sheet prepared and updated by European Commission. With inputs from risk & mitigation analysis, fact sheet aims to outline and provide guidance on the climate change requirements for current and future major projects.  To read paper, click here. (Dağli)

Review of Solutions to Global Warming, Air Pollution, and Energy Security - A paper by Mark Z. Jacobson, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University, published in December 2008 by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This paper reviews and ranks major proposed energy-related solutions to global warming, air pollution mortality, and energy security while considering other impacts of the proposed solutions, such as on water supply, land use, wildlife, resource availability, thermal pollution, water chemical pollution, nuclear proliferation, and undernutrition. Read paper at http://pubs.rsc.org/-/content/articlehtml/2009/ee/b809990c  (Kürtük)

Guidelines for Project Managers: Making vulnerable investments climate resilient  - A 2009 guideline prepared by the European Commission. Guidelines were intended to help minimise climate change related losses to public, private and combined public/private investments, leading to more robust investment projects and, ultimately, more resilient economies. They have been provided to help managers to improve the success of investment projects and ensure their long-term sustainability.  To read paper, click here. (Dağli)


Articles, Blogs, Expert Opinions



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