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İsmail Can Kürtük




İsmail Can Kürtük

Southampton Business School
Southampton, United Kingdom


Ismail Can Kurtuk
is currently studying for an MSc Degree in Project Management at the University of Southampton, UK within the academic year 2017-2018 with a scholarship from the Turkish Government. He graduated from political science and public administration department of the University of Kocaeli in Turkey with a Bachelor’s degree. After that graduation, he worked in the family textile company in the position of crisis and risk manager for a year (2012-2013) and also in the position of project supervisor the subsequent year (2013-2014).

Main Fields of Study: Project Management, Political Science and Public Administration

Research interests: Leadership in Project Management, Decision Making in Project Management, Public Projects Management, Cultural differences in Project Management,Project Risk Management,Ethics in Project Management,Prioritization in Project Management,Team Management.

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Ismail can be contacted at iscn_krtk@hotmail.com

Start date:  February 2018             Completion date: September 2018

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Research Results

180915 - Kürtük - Preparing the Mind for Dynamic Project Management

180910 - Kürtük - Improvisation in Project Management

180709 - Kürtük - Role of Intuition and Rationality in Project Decisions

180704 - Kürtük - Improvisation and Project Management

180629 - Kürtük - Controlling Improvisation within Change Management

180624 - Kürtük - Stakeholder Management in Projects

180620 - Kürtük - Project Manager Leadership Role in Improving Project Performance

180617 - Kürtük - Leadership Style as a Success Factor in Projects

180612 - Kürtük - The Nature of Project Management

180426 - Kürtük - Tansforming Risk Management into Uncertainty Management

180422 - Kürtük - Stakeholders and Uncertainty Management in Projects

180324 - Kürtük - Investigation of the FATiH Project

180310 - Kürtük - Evaluation of the FATIH Project

180305 - Kurtuk - The FATIH Project to Integrate Computer Technology in Turkey's Education System

180226 - Kürtük - Solutions to Global Warming, Air Pollution and Energy Security

180220 - Kürtük - Major Projects Association