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Ömer Berkay Dağlı




Ömer Berkay Dağlı

Southampton Business School
Southampton, United Kingdom





Ömer Berkay Dağlı completed a PM research internship for the PM World Library while a Masters Candidate at Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, based in UK for the academic year 2017-2018. Previously, he had served as an Officer on Watch for over 30 months on board chemical tankers, based in different routes all round the world where he served Third and Second Officer. He completed his graduation in Marine Transportation Management dual diploma with honours from both Istanbul Technical University, Turkey and State University of New York Maritime College, USA in 2014.

Major Field of Study: Project Management, Logistics and Inter-Modal Transportation

Research interests: Global Project Management, Leadership, PM Planning, Project Management, Programme and Portfolio Management, PM Strategy, Project Governance, Diverse Stakeholders Management, Projects execution and control, Transportation Projects Management, Inter-Modal Transportation Projects

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Omer can be contacted at omerberkaydagli@gmail.com

Start date: January 2018              Complete date: February 2018

180112 - Southampton Graduate Student joins PMWL Internship Program

180216 - Dagli Completes PMWL Research Internship in Record Time


Research Results

180309 - Dağli - Guidelines for Project Managers Making Vulnerable Investments Climate Resilient

180303 - Dağli - Green Project Management Organization

180228 - Dağli - Climate Change and Major Projects

180224 - Dağli - Management of Flexibility in Projects

180222 - Dağli - Optimizing Success by matching Management Style to Project Type

180220 - Dağli - Tasmanian Government Project Management Framework

180216 - Dagli - NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Handbook

180212 - Dagli - Three Gorges Dam Project, Yangtze River, China

180209 - Dagli - Impact of Leadership Styles on Project Success

180205 - Dagli - Relationship between Project Governance and Project Performance

180203 - Dagli - Customised Project Management Methods in Shipbuilding Projects

180201 - Dagli - Lean Project Planning in Shipbuilding

180130 - Dagli - Knowledge Transfer in Shipbuilding Projects

180129 - Dagli - Risk Management for Contractors in Marine Projects

180126 - Dagli - Management of Shipyard Projects Insights and Lessons Learned

180123 - Dagli - Project Success A Multidimensional Strategic Concept

180119 - Dagli - Management By Projects in Maritime Organisations

180118 - Dagli - Managing Stakeholders in Megaprojects

180114 - Dagli - Factors in Project Success

180110 - Dagli - Actual Impacts of Ataturk Dam in Turkey