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Fresh Waterways Cleanup

For many decades, human industrial activity has polluted nearby lakes, rivers and streams.  There are many examples on every continent.  Some of that pollution has had serious local health and economic effects; all such pollution harms the plant and animal life in those bodies of water. In recent years, initiative have been launched in various countries to restore and protect fresh waterways.  Where are those programs and projects and how can modern project management contribute to those efforts?  This section of the PM World Library is intended to provide access to a few resources for those who want to learn more or help.


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Ganga River Basin Environment Management Plan: Interim Report (2013). Report produced by a consortium of 7 IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) in collaboration with multiple government bodies. The Ganga in India is one of the world’s longest rivers with religious values attached to it. Water of the river has been contaminated in recent decades by industrial waste and sewage. The report underscores the need to clean the contaminated river water and basin and describes key features of the Ganga Basin, including its hydrology, geology, wetlands, geomorphology and biodiversity.  The report further elaborates a conceptual framework for use by policymakers to design public policy, also offering recommendations. Available online at http://mowr.gov.in/sites/default/files/GRBEMPInterimReport_2.pdf (Gogate)




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