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Daisy Ogutu




Daisy Ogutu

University of Nairobi

Kisumu, Kenya






Daisy M. Atieno Ogutu is 26 years old and residing in Kisumu city in Kenya. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Project Planning and Management at the University of Nairobi-Kisumu campus for the academic year 2019-2021. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in project planning and management from Karatina University (2012-2016). She has volunteered at the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) in conjunction with Aphia Plus in Ndhiwa sub-county in 2014 working with the women, OVCs and other marginalized groups in the area. She worked with the Lake Victoria South Water Service Board (LVSWSB) in 2016 assisting in various capacities.

Daisy has undergone financial services training at Generation Kenya with USAID and Safaricom as the main partners.  She has also worked for the Ministry of Education (MoE) in the year 2017 where she was promoting literacy among school going children and also advocating for their right to education. In 2018, She worked at the Lakeside hospital. She is currently working at the University of Nairobi-Kisumu campus. 

Major field of study is project planning and management

Research interests include: Monitoring and evaluation in Project management, prioritization in project management, Stakeholder management in projects, risk management in project management and Gender issues in project management.

Daisy Ogutu can be contacted at deeogutu@yahoo.com or ogutudaisy254@gmail.com 

Start date: February 2020                        Completion date: June 2020


200202 - Daisy Ogutu joins PMWL research team in Kenya

200616 - Daisy Ogutu completes PM Research Internship


Research results:

200614 - Ogutu - Why do projects in Africa fail?

200530 - Ogutu - Quality Management of Projects

200526 - Ogutu - How Artificial Intelligence with disrupt Project Management

200523 - Ogutu - African Urban Futures

200430 - Ogutu - Advancing socio-economic development through the “Big Four”

200420 - Ogutu - African Leadership Forum

200415 - Ogutu - Effects of Global Health Initiatives on Country Health Systems

200410 - Ogutu - Lake Victoria Water Quality and Ecosystem Status

200331 - Ogutu - Conflict analysis of Kenya

200326 - Ogutu - Forest Resource Management and Logging Activities in Kenya

200322 - Ogutu - FGM in Kenya: Is change taking place?

200312 - Ogutu - Locusts, Climate Change Weakening Kenya’s Economy

200305 - Ogutu - Stealing of donkeys in Africa to sate China’s demand

200228 - Ogutu - Can Kenya supply energy with 100% renewable sources?

200224 - Ogutu - Understanding Poverty in Kenya: A Multidimensional Analysis

200210 - Ogutu - Free Primary Education in Kenya