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Global Initiatives

Many global initiatives have been launched in recent years to educate more people or to focus attention on major global problems.  Some offer opportunities to get involved, to support solutions to various pressing global issues.  Where are the programs and projects?  Where and how can those in the project management profession get involved?  This section of the library is intended to provide access to useful information, and to promote research, innovation and action on these topics.

Global Initiatives

Sustainable Development Goals – Otherwise known as the Global Goals, a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. These 17 Goals build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals, while including new areas such as climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice, among other priorities. The goals are interconnected – often the key to success on one will involve tackling issues more commonly associated with another. The SDGs came into effect in January 2016, and they will continue to guide UNDP policy and funding for the next 15 years. To access, visit http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/sustainable-development-goals.html

Global Citizen - A social action platform for those who want to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. Global Citizen is headquartered in New York, with offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. On their platform you can learn about issues, take action on what matters most and join a community committed to social change. Through their mix of content and events, grassroots organizing and extensive reach through digital channels, Global Citizen is building the world’s largest movement for social action. They organize massive global campaigns to amplify the actions of Global Citizens from around the world. Go to https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/

Global Shapers Community – Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges. With more than 7,000 members, the Global Shapers Community spans 375+ city-based hubs in 156 countries. In each city, teams of Shapers self-organize to create projects that address the needs of their community. Projects are wide-ranging – from responding to disasters and combating poverty, to fighting climate change and building inclusive communities. Shapers are diverse in expertise, education, income and race, but united by their desire to bring about change. Learn more or get involved at https://www.globalshapers.org/

Project Management for Change (PM4C) - Based in the Washington, DC area of the USA, PM4C is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to unleash the boundless potential of the Project Management profession to empower and transform communities around the world.  They do this through pro bono support provided by professional project managers to address non-profit organizations’ most pressing world-changing initiatives. They provide this support at their signature Project Management Day of Service® events around the world, and through continuous delivery programs, to ensure focus on the right projects and then see those projects through to completion. For more, go to https://www.pm4change.org/.

UNESCO Green Citizens -The UNESCO initiative to recognize and support local, innovative, duplicable citizen projects worldwide in key domains of biodiversity and sustainable development, including the Ocean, Water/Hydrology, Education for sustainable development, Indigenous and local knowledge. UNESCO Green Citizens is a collective endeavour bringing together the Klorane Botanical Foundation as a founding partner, Adveris digital agency, Passion Pictures Paris, Twitter (for Good), artists, students, volunteers, and others. Learn more at https://www.unescogreencitizens.org/


Project Managers Without Borders (PMWB) – A global, not-for-profit, project management services organization that connects project management professionals with other not-for-profit or non-governmental organizations. PMWB was founded in October 2014 with an ambitious goal: to recognize and multiply the impact of project management for those in need.  To learn more, visit http://www.pmwb.org/  (Edjenekpo)

Khelifi, Y. (2024). Making the World a Better Place through Project Management, Interview with Deanna Landers, PM World Journal, Vol. XIII, Issue VI, June. Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/pmwj142-Jun2024-Khelifi-Interview-with-Deanna-Landers.pdf

Social Value International (SVI) – Based in Liverpool, UK, SVI has members in 45+ countries, with national and associated branches in more than 30.  SVI works with members to embed core principles for social value measurement and analysis, to refine and share practice, and to build a powerful movement of like-minded people to influence policy. Their goal is to support, connect, and represent members through training, knowledge-sharing and networking. As the gap between rich and poor increases and the effects of climate change become more apparent, SVI’s work has never been more urgent. This can be a useful resource for organizations and projects supporting the SDG’s. For more, go to http://socialvalueint.org/

World Resources Institute - A global research organizationImage result for world resources institute that spans more than 50 countries, with offices in Brazil, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States. Our more than 700 experts and staff turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity and human well-being. Learn more at http://www.wri.org/

Global Green Growth Institute – Based in Seoul, South Korea, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a treaty-based international, inter-governmental organization dedicated to supporting and promoting strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging economies. GGGI supports its member governments to achieve the commitments expressed under the Paris Climate Agreement, and their Sustainable Development Goal targets. GGGI supports global programs, country programs and individual projects.  Learn more at http://gggi.org/

Green Project Management (GPM) - A US-based organization established in 2009 to advance sustainability in Project Management. GPM works to help companies become more resilient, governments more efficient, and societies more robust, all while safeguarding the world’s natural resources.  To reach organization’s website, click here. (Dağli)

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is a worldwide humanitarian aid organization that reaches 160 million people each year through its 190-member National Societies. It acts before, during and after disasters and health emergencies to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people. It does so with impartiality as to nationality, race, gender, religious beliefs, class and political opinions. To learn more about it, go to https://media.ifrc.org/ifrc/ (Benedet)


Papers, Reports, Studies

Chandler, C. G. (2022). Fix management, to fix organizations, to fix the planet; presented at the 14th University of Texas at Dallas Project Management Symposium in Richardson, TX, USA in May 2022; republished in the PM World Journal, Vol. XI, Issue VI, June.  Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/pmwj118-Jun2022-Chandler-fix-management-fix-organizations-fix-planet.pdf

GeSI and Accenture (2015). #SMARTer2030: ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges - A report by The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Accenture Strategy that shows how ICT can help break the link between economic development and resource depletion, with emissions savings close to ten times those generated by the ICT sector itself. Access full report at https://www.ctc-n.org/sites/d8uat.ctc-n.org/files/resources/full_report2.pdf

Harake, M. F. (2024). Project Management of UN Activities: An Operational Guide to end-to-end Project Delivery. PM World Journal, Vol. XIII, Issue V, May. Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/pmwj141-May2024-Harake-Project-Management-of-UN-Activities.pdf

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Articles, Blogs, Opinions

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Other Resources

Goodnet - Gateway to Doing Good – Goodnet connects people around the world with opportunities for doing good - it’s that simple. Our writers and editors have eyes and ears across the world of good doing - from volunteering, charity work, microfunding and creativity to green tech, water conservation, collaborative consumption and mindful living. It’s a network that empowers users to independently take positive action and amplify their goodness - anytime, anywhere and in the field of interest closest to their hearts. To access, visit https://www.goodnet.org/

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