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Clean Air

Clean air would seem like a natural human right, when it is needed for all humans to survive.  Yet the air is still not safe to breathe in too many places. In recent years, initiatives have been launched in various countries and cities to reduce air pollution.  Where are those programs and projects and how can modern project management contribute to these efforts?  This section of the PM World Library is intended to provide access to a few resources for those who want to learn more or help.


Information about Air Pollution



Global Initiatives, Programs, Projects



Local Programs and Projects




Health Effects Institute (HEI) – A Boston-based nonprofit corporation chartered in 1980 as an independent research organization to provide high-quality, impartial, and relevant science on the health effects of air pollution. HEI typically receives balanced funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the worldwide motor vehicle industry. Other public and private organizations periodically support special projects or certain research programs. Learn more at https://www.healtheffects.org/



Papers, Reports, Studies

State of Global Air / 2018 - The State of Global Air is a collaboration between the Health Effects Institute and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s Global Burden of Disease Project. Citation: Health Effects Institute (2018). State of Global Air 2018. Special Report. Boston, MA: Health Effects Institute. https://www.stateofglobalair.org/sites/default/files/soga-2018-report.pdf




Articles, Blogs, Expert Opinions



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This section of the library is a work in progress.  If you know of good resources to add here, please let us know.  If you are a student and might like to help, consider our research internship.  Click here for information or contact [email protected].

This section of the library created February 2018