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Ravalika Gopireddy



Ravalika Gopireddy

SDA Bocconi Asia Center
Mumbai, India

Ravalika Gopireddy is currently pursuing her International Master in Business (IMB) degree at SDA Bocconi Asia Center (Mumbai, India) for the academic year 2018-2020. She holds an Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Sri Venkateswara University (Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India), where she studied from 2012-2016.

Ravalika worked as a software developer for 2 years (2016-2018) in Infosys Ltd., Hyderabad, India. She was responsible for developing programs using .Net technologies and also keeping track of the performance and progress of her team. Her main part of work includes Database management and migration of databases to one platform. She also handled support activities for solving the issues with deliverables.

Major Field of Study: Supply Chain and Project Management

Research interests: Project Management in India, Stakeholders Management, Project execution and control, Supply chain and logistics management, Agile Project Management, Risk Management

PM World Internship Focus: Project management (Agile & Risk), Stakeholder management

To see Ms. Ravalika’s more detailed CV, click here.

For information about the International Master in Business program at SDA Bocconi Asia Center, click here https://www.sdabocconiasiacenter.com

Ravalika can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected]

Start date: January 2019


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