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Grace Chebet




Grace Chebet

University of Nairobi
Kisumu, Kenya


Grace Chebet
is currently pursuing her Master of Arts program in Project Planning and Management at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, for the academic year 2019-2020. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Moi University, where she studied from 2011-2015. She also studied at the Kenya Institute of Management in 2015 to undertake a certification course in Monitoring and Evaluation. Grace has also undertaken other short developmental courses in Project Management and Design for Professionals from Humanitarian leadership academy.

From 2015 to 2017, Grace worked as a Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation assistant at Heifer International under the East Africa Dairy Development Program (EADD), where she was involved in; framework design, setting up databases and data management. From 2017 to 2018, Grace worked at Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) as a monitoring and evaluation assistant based in Dadaab refugee camp near the Somali border. She worked closely with teams from multiple sectors; WASH, Education and ICLA (Information Counselling and Legal Assistance) in conducting various surveys and evaluations. She also managed to support reporting, monitoring and evaluation for various donors including; UNHCR, UNICEF, NMFA, DFID, SIDA, ECHO and EU-SERD (DEVCO). Later, in 2019, she was promoted to the post of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the same organization. Grace is currently working with Leonard Cheshire Foundation as a Monitoring, Evaluation and learning Officer based in Kisumu office, Kenya, where she is involved in monitoring development and sustainable programs and improving livelihoods for Children with disability through promoting Inclusive Education and Life skills

Major Field of Study: Business Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management.

Research interests: Project Management, Strategic Planning and Management, Project sustainability, Humanitarian aid management, Development projects, Global initiatives, Economic development, Feasibility studies.

PM World Internship Focus: Program management, Project controls, Quality management.

For information about the Master of Arts program in Project Planning and Management offered by the University of Nairobi, please click on this link https://uonbi.ac.ke/students

Grace can be contacted at chebetgrace2000@gmail.com


Start date: March 2020



200918 - Grace Chebet completes PM World Library Internship

200314 - Grace Chebet joins PMWL Research Internship Program


Research results:

200916 - Chebet - Teen Pregnancy in Rural Western Kenya

200912 - Chebet - Malaria and Infant Mortality in Western Kenya

200909 - Chebet - Covid-19 Current Status and Future Perspectives

200904 - Chebet - Modern-Day Slavery – Human Trafficking in the 21st Century

200901 - Chebet - Project Stakeholders: Analysis and Management Processes

200808 - Chebet - Silent Suffocation of Children in Africa

200802 - Chebet - Leadership in Project Management

200629 - Chebet - Critical Success Factors in Project Implementation

200616 - Chebet - Mobile Money Services and the Growth of SMEs

200604 - Chebet - Tsunami preparedness in the Pacific Islands

200527 - Chebet - Wildlife Protection and Trafficking Assessment in Kenya

200521 - Chebet - Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment

200406 - Chebet - Better but still Unequal: Human Rights in Kenya

200325 - Chebet - Safe use of Nuclear Energy in South Korea

200320 - Chebet - Against the Odds: Refugee Integration in Kenya

200312 - Chebet - Gender Inequality in Education in Kenya and South Africa