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Economic Development

It should be obvious to everyone that economic development can provide many countries with resources for addressing acute social problems of every kind.  It is also clear that programs and projects are critical to economic development.  Economic development programs and projects in many parts of the world however can be extremely challenging for many reasons, both basic and more complicated.  This section of the PMWL is intended to provide information that might be useful to those involved in such programs and projects.

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Global Organizations & Initiatives



Regional Information and Initiatives


Sokang, K. (2018). The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Economic Growth in Cambodia: Empirical Evidence; International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development, Volume 4, Issue 5, December, Pages 31-38. Available online at https://researchleap.com/impact-foreign-direct-investment-economic-growth-cambodia-empirical-evidence/ (Parchuri)


Latin America



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