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Tirumala Parchuri



Tirumala Parchuri

SDA Bocconi Asia Center
Mumbai, India

Tirumala Parchuri is currently pursuing her IMB (International Master in Business) degree at SDA Bocconi Asia Center, India. She holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from K L University (Andhra Pradesh, India), where she studied from 2011-2015.

Tirumala has work experience of 37 months as a Senior Software Engineer. During her stint, she was responsible for developing program for clients using Java and PEGA technologies. She also handled support activities for solving incidents coming from the clients’ end.

Major Field of Study: Project Management

Research interests: Project Management, Strategy Management, Stakeholders Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Projects execution and control, Scheduling and planning, Agile Project Management, Risk Management

For information about the International Master in Business program at SDA Bocconi Asia Center, go to https://www.sdabocconiasiacenter.com

Start date: January 2019

Complete date: December 2019


200308 - Tirumala Parchuri completes PM Research Internship

Research results:

200122 - Parchuri - Risk Management in a large new Rail Transport Project

200119 - Parchuri - Project Management in the Tourism Industry

200116 - Parchuri - Project Management in Nuclear Power Plant Construction

200111- Parchuri - Aviation Project Management

200108 - Parchuri - Mining Industry benefits from Project Management

200106 - Parchuri - The Importance of Project Management in SMEs

200103 - Parchuri - Importance of Project Management in the Pharma Industry

191231 - Parchuri - Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Economic Growth

191228 - Parchuri - Environmental Impacts of Marine Pollution

191226 - Parchuri - Customer’s Perception of Digital Banking in India

191223 - Parchuri - Changing Structure of Indian Automobile Industry

191221 – Parchuri – Challenges and Possibilities to attain Sustainable Urbanisation

190211 - Parchuri - Government Initiatives in State of Telangana India