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Aizhan Aliakbarova




Aizhan Aliakbarova

Kazakh-British Technical University

Almaty, Kazakhstan



Aizhan Aliakbarova
is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Project Management and Supply Chain at Kazakh-British Technical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Aizhan holds a Bachelor’s in Philology and advanced program in Finance. During her professional experience, Aizhan has cooperated with international organisations and foreign TNC’s in different sectors of economy and engaged in investment attraction and innovation development directions.

Major Field of Study: Project Management and Supply Chain

Research interests: PM maturity, Portfolio, Strategy, Project finance, Supply Chain and International logistics, Projects execution and control

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Aizhan can be contacted at aizha1985@gmail.com

Start date:  May 2017            Complete date:  September 2017

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