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Abhinay Kumar Jha

Paris, France
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AbhinayJha Jha

Abhinay Kumar Jha
is a student of MSC. Project & Programme Management and Business Development from AACSB accredited SKEMA Business School, Paris. With nearly 11 years of extensive work experience in Information technology and Customer management, Mr. Jha has experience in both Private and Government sectors. A Post Graduate Diploma in Management, he was working for The Embassy of the United States of America in India as a System Administrator. He has many excellence performance awards under his belt from his previous employers. Working as Senior System Analysts in HCL technologies, Indian multinational service IT Service Company, he resolved technical issues for EMC customers. An experienced solution provider, Mr. Jha also handed disputes for British Gas Business customers under EXL and British Telecom under HCL infrastructure in customer management. He can be contacted at or

Created 8 July 2018

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