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Adriana Solomón

Rosario, Argentina
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AdrianaSolomón Solomón

Adriana Solomón
is an architect, graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, and Project Management Professional (PMP). She attended the Project Management Program at INDES-Interamerican Development Bank. Managing Partner at ERA Project Management and Partner at Prohabitat XXI.  Se ha desempeñado como Coordinadora General del Programa Rosario Hábitat, gerenciando la ejecución simultánea de varios proyectos. She served as General Coordinator for the Rosario Habitat Program, through the design and implementation phases. She has worked with the PM4R program of INDES as trainer and facilitator for processes on projects all overall Latinamerica.  She is actually in charge of the Area of Programs and Projects in the Servicio Publico de la Vivienda, Municipalidad de Rosario. Additional information can be found in Adriana Solomon can be reached at

Profile created 7 March 2021

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