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Ana Skledar Matijević

Zaprešić, Croatia
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AnaMatijević Matijević

Ana Skledar Matijević

University of Applied Science Baltazar Zaprešić

Ana Skledar Matijević was born in 1976 in Slovenia. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Croatia in 2000 in English and Spanish Languages and Literature. She earned her Ph. D. in literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2007 and holds a D level IPMA certificate. She has been teaching English for specific purposes (ESP) at the University of Applied Science Baltazar Zaprešić since 2001, with special emphasis on English for Project Management, Financial Management and Communications Management. She publishes papers in the area of ELT and ESP, language and literature and is the author of one ESP textbook. Areas of interest: interdisciplinary and experimental approaches to teaching ESP. Ana Skledar Matijević can be contacted at

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