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Andre P van der Merwe

South Africa
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Andrevan der Merwe van der Merwe

Professor Andre P. van der Merwe
, BTech, MBA, PhD, has 25 years of practical site experience, receiving a management award for innovation by successfully completing more than 2000 simultaneously occurring projects within time and budget. His 20 years of academic experience include being the founder of the Association for Project Management in South Africa, serving as a member of the Global Forum for Education in Project Management, a committee member of the Doctoral Research Colloquium of Europe, a member of the editorial committee of “Management” journal, and a member of MENSA Society.  In 2012, André had a traumatic brain injury, leaving him partially sighted. With the help of his wife, Marlette, he remains academically active and contributes to scientific papers.

Prof van der Merwe can be contacted at

Profile updated July 2020

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