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Andrew Hudson

Surrey, United Kingdom
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AndrewHudson Hudson


Andrew Hudson has 30 years’ experience working with organizations to improve their management of strategy, operations and change.  He helps senior executives and teams to better plan and execute strategy by introducing and applying leading management and governance practices & tools:

  •    Performance objectives – working with leaders to define and cascade performance objectives
  •    Measurement – helping teams to apply better measures to drive performance improvement
  •    Process – ensuring operations are slick, with effective controls and governance
  •    Risk – minimising the likelihood and consequences of operational and project risk
  •    Benefits – helping beneficiaries to maximize the value of change investment
  •    Initiatives – keeping initiatives aligned with the strategy and maximizing ROI
  •    Governance – ensuring that appropriate controls and reporting is in place to support better decision making

Andrew's software company, ChangeDirector, has been recognised by Gartner as a Cool Vendor. As speaker, he inspires people to adopt better practices in effective strategy execution and value realization.  He is currently developing a community of practice around measurement with people who recognise the importance of measurement to inspire performance improvement. For more, visit

Created 7 February 2017

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