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Andrew McGregor

South Africa
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AndrewMcGregor McGregor

Almost two decades of corporate life equipped Andrew McGregor to follow his entrepreneurial instincts and his company has kept him off the streets ever since. He is founder of Cohesion Solutions, a professional services company dedicated to partnering with selected clients to facilitate meaningful, sustainable business improvement and growth of their people. His special interest is harnessing and further developing best practices in order to help leaders and their teams thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. In other words, he regularly filches other peoples’ great ideas.

He lives in the country just outside Nottingham Road in the KZN Midlands of South Africa, with his wife Barbara; he travels extensively to consult on business strategy, coach business leaders and present his leadership keynote talks. He is afflicted by being a life-long supporter of West Ham Football Club, despite many failed attempts to transfer allegiance to a more socially acceptable team. Also a wannabe red wine collector, but drinks most of it.

Andrew can be contacted at or on +27 (0) 833 00 3232  

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