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Anna Krasnova

Lodz, Poland
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AnnaKrasnova Krasnova

Anna Krasnova
, MSc, has few-years’ experience in organizing and conducting integration and motivation training, business events, career development lessons and soft skills development workshops. Anna Krasnova is Russian, who was born and grew up in multicultural Kazakhstan. After high school, she obtained a scientific grant for studies in Poland. She graduated "Management" study with the specialization "Human Resources Management" at the University of Lodz, where she is currently working on her PhD dissertation. Since 2014, she has been employed as an assistant professor in the Department of Human Resources Management at the University of Lodz.

She is co-author of a book devoted to adapting students to the academic environment and author of a few publications in the field of human resources management, including employee recruitment and selection, employer branding and decruitment. Her scientific interests are centered on:
  • Modern forms of recruitment and selection of employees
  • Business tourism and incentive trips as tools of human resources management
  • Employer and employee branding
  • Decruitment as a human resource management function

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Created August 2017

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