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Art Jones

San Antonio, Texas, USA
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ArtJones Jones

Art Jones
delivers results through others. He establishes approaches and strategy, leads efforts through completion, and realigns derailed projects.  Agile describes a lifelong practice and mindset in his work delivering applications, infrastructure, and process change.  Proven, with deliveries in retail, technology, financial, utility, and academic business environments.   With a BS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, Art developed project management and strategic planning during recession times in fast-passed entrepreneurial and corporate assignments.  His most valued learning came through relationships, people, and community.  

Art sees possibilities for new business and town partnerships to develop profit with talent.  Excitement intrigues him and his colleagues with today’s change and uncertainty in business from the store front to the supporting manufacturer, farmer, and service provider.   How will business balance interdependence?  This question has Art’s attention.   Art's a member of PMI, practicing success in San Antonio, Texas. 

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Profile created 11 November 2018

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