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Arthur Durand

Lille, France
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ArthurDurand Durand

Arthur Durand
is a student in SKEMA Business School and currently doing a master in a Program Project management and business development. He passed the Agile PM this year and is currently searching more experience in project management area. He did an internship at BADENOCH & CLARK Company during the first six months of 2019 year. Currently researching a second internship in project management to complete my gap year, He finished his last semester of study in April 2019.

He spent one semester in Suzhou (China) in Fall 2015 and one in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in Spring 2018, where he learned how to deal with cultural differences. This experience allowed him to write an essay on Prevent disputes in construction contract due to cultural differences. He completed an internship in Philippines as a teacher in Angeles city during the 2017 summer. It was a humanitarian experience helping to educate Pilipino youth. He gave mathematics and English courses to orphan children who needed education to succeed in life. Arthur has worked in companies during summer since he was eighteen to finance his expensive studies. he worked at INTERSPORT as a cashier, at BOULANGER as a seller and finally at FRUIDOR as quality manager.

Dr Paul D. Giammalvo helped a lot to achieve this goal; thanks to Dr. Giammalvo for giving advice and feedback on work and courses with a work methodology.

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Profile created 7 October 2019

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