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Athenais Regnier

Lille, France
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AthenaisRegnier Regnier

Athenais Regnier
is a 21-years-old French graduate student preparing two diplomas: a 5-year degree at engineering school Centrale Lille and a Master of Science of Project and Programme Management and Business Development (PPMBD) at Skema Business School. She belongs to the ITEEM department of Centrale Lille, where engineering, management and entrepreneurship are combined to train future managers with a solid technical background as well as an innovative, adaptable and ingenious spirit. This spirit is consolidated by 17 months of internship experience throughout the 5 years of education.

Specialised in information systems architecture and processes optimisation, she has previous experience mainly in web development and IT project management. She has lived for 9 months in Auckland (New-Zealand) where she worked as a project management intern in local company Kiwise Digital. Responsible for the development of a WordPress e-commerce website, her main missions were to import data from Excel spreadsheet and WooCommerce plugin (CSV Import Suite), optimise processes in the project especially data-entry, train new team members and report to the client.

Class delegate during her entire post-graduate education, Athenais has also been involved in several school projects including an innovation award-winning project in 2014 consisting of presenting an innovation for a radio-controlled car after realising a complete technical and market analysis. Her third-year project was to redefine school-companies relationship in her region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and, as part of this project, her team organised an event with 50 professionals and about the same number of students where each team member managed a facilitated workshop to lead participants in innovating on the subject.

Athenais has a passion for horse-riding, she has participated in jumping and equestrian vaulting competitions for many years. She has been a junior champion of France of team vaulting in 2007, at the age of 11 years old.  She can be contacted at

Created 14 March 2018

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