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Audrey Mphela

South Africa
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AudreyMphela Mphela

Audrey Mphela is a retail systems training specialist at SPAR SRDC where she was recently recognized as the best project manager for a 12-month project.

Audrey provides expert advice and guidance to store Owners/Managers with regards to IT Systems being used to develop skills and competencies.  Activities include assessing if a store is operating within accepted parameters for the various departments; providing retailers with sufficient system knowledge to assist them in the management of their business, to use systems correctly, to analyze and act effectively on the information contained in a system; analyzing financial indicators such as gross profit, high/low profit areas, sales growth/loss, high/low sales areas, sales versus purchases, stock holding, cash flow, ratios; identifying areas outside the normally accepted operating range for a given set of criteria and to rectify the situation using a set of procedures designed for this,  She advises store owners, store managers, supervisors, and operators on best operating policies and procedures to run and manage their stores to gain greater business benefit from using the group business systems, also to grow profit, reduce shrinkage and grow the business entirely through the application and utilization of the Group Business systems.

Audrey holds an Advanced IT Project Management NQF Level 7 Certificate with UJ and an E-Technology Professional Diploma.  She is currently engaged in Occupationally Directed Education and Training and development.

Profile created March 2022

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