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Audrey Tonkovic

Paris, France
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AudreyTonkovic  Tonkovic

Audrey Tonkovic
is a 23 years-old French student in the "Grande Ecole" Program at Skema Business School in the Parisian campus of Skema La Défense. After a 2 year-common course in marketing, she enrolled in a Master of Science degree program in Project and Program  Management and Business Development. She had a background in literary studies through a 2-year preparatory class in Sainte-Marie de Neuilly - from 2013 to 2015 - before entering Skema Business School in 2015. She was appointed the general secretary of a student union in Skema Lille (France), combining her interests for Music, Fashion and Arts in general.

She had multiple experiences in Project Management especially in Digital Marketing in the Fashion and Press industry through various internships. These experiences allowed her to confirm her will to work in project management and more specifically to work in project management of creatives – assuring the protection and continuous improvement of their work.

Passionate about Art industries, she is looking forward to making her proof as a Project Manager in these areas. Internationally-oriented, through her multiple student exchange experiences of 5 months each in Brazil (Belo Horizonte, Fundação Dom Cabral) and then in the United Stated (Raleigh, North Carolina State University (NCSU)), multiculturalism is something that she truly values - professionally and personally - as a great asset for general knowledge, personal culture, and great open-mindedness.

Enthusiastic and passionate to continuously learn and improve herself in this areas, Audrey can be contacted by email at or by LinkedIn at

Profile created 7 June 2019

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