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Augustin de la Gorgue de Rosny

Lille, France
France Flag
AugustinRosny Rosny

Augustin de Rosny
is a French 23 years-old Project Management Student, who is from Skema Business School. He studied one year in the United States two years ago, and made a gap year as a Project Manager in a French start-up last academic year. As a student, he chooses the “Project and Program Management & Business Development” master of science to specialize himself in Project Management. He is interested in the video-game industry since he played Age of Empire and Halo when he was young. He is involved since 20124 in, a French structure which provide news, a forum and much more for all Halo French fans, as an administrator. His missions are to manage the moderators, the forum community and projects to improve the forum.

Augustin can be contacted at

Created 14 March 2018

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