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Bernardo Nicoletti

Rome, Italy
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BernardoNicoletti Nicoletti
Bernardo Nicoletti is author of Lean and Digitize: An Integrated Approach to Process Improvement, published by Gower in 2013.  Bernardo graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He worked for GE Capital, as Group CTO, GE Oil & Gas, as CIO, and AIG, with assignments in Italy, UK, USA and Latin America. Currently he is Professor of IT Procurement at the Master in Procurement of the University of TorVergata, Rome, Italy.  He also provides consultancy services in Europe and Asia on IT Strategy, Organization and Procurement. Bernardo has been particularly active in the application of Lean Six Sigma to Financial Institutions. He calls his approach ‘Lean & Digitize’ and over time has developed a specific methodology as a way to reduce costs and improve quality, bringing value to the Business.  He is the author of 20 books on Management, published in Italy. He has been a frequent speaker in International Conferences and has published 200 articles. More about his latest book, Lean and Digitize, can be found at

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