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Carla Teixeira Fernandes

Paris, France
France Flag
CarlaFernandes Fernandes

Carla Teixeira Fernandes is a student at ESLI Paris. MSc Industrial Logistics and Purchasing Management MLAI. After a technological University diploma in industrial logistics quality and organization at the university of Cergy-Pontoise, Carla obtained a bachelor’s degree in logistics manager in Paris. She learned how to manage logistics projects in companies and measure the performance of logistics activities. Next, she joined ESLI for a master’s degree in intelligent Secured Logistics. These years in the supply chain allowed Carla to learn more about logistics, planification, transport and all the support functions in a company. She currently works as logistics manager at IKEA, a Swedish company specializing in the design and sale of furniture and decorative items. She can be contacted at:

Profile created 8 December 2021

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