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Chijioke Basil Oleru

Dallas, Texas, USA
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ChijiokeOleru Oleru

My career is focused on Data Management.  The primary tool I have used in managing Enterprise data is Project Management.  The phrase ‘show me the data’ makes sense to me, as well as ‘how does the data impact my business’.   Big data, small data, when managed effectively, can help a business stay focused on customer needs and provide agility no economic trends.   I love learning and thrive in dynamic work environments where I learn from short or long project assignments and new subject matter.  Then I use my learning to provide solutions and achieve bigger results.

I like sports – professional sports like Soccer, Football, Basketball, Swimming, and Baseball.   I learned from watching these sports that the game is never over until the last whistle is blown.  A come back from behind is always possible.  Yes, winning is the goal, but how you played the game – putting in your best effort and learning from your mistakes, matters.


Profile created 2 June 2023

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