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Cyril Cojutti

Lille, France
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CyrilCojutti Cojutti

Cyril Cojutti
is a student at Skema Business School in Master of Science Programme and Project Management and Business Development.  Being deeply interested in sustainable energies and eco-friendly technologies, he thought it wise to develop an analysis on Renewable Power Purchase Agreement as it is a cornerstone of the global energy transition which can apply to most projects. When graduating, I would like to engage myself in the development of clean energy and its promotion worldwide. It is a major stake of our century and will have an impact on our way of life tomorrow. He wants to play a role in it.

Besides, being passionate by Japan since my childhood, Cyril did an exchange program at Hiroshima University of Economics for one year which enabled him to enhance his understanding of the Japanese culture. With the nuclear incident of 2011 in Japan, it became one of his objectives to be committed to increase the sustainable energy share in Japan. 

Profile created 11 November 2018

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