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Dale Roberts

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DaleRoberts Roberts

Dale Roberts
is VP of Professional Services for Clarabridge, author, commentator, columnist, and speaker. As a professional services leader for Clarabridge in Europe, Roberts is advising some of the world’s largest companies on optimising the customer experience using social and digital insights. Prior to this he was part of the founding circle of Artesian Solutions, an innovator in social CRM and a Director of Services for business intelligence giant Cognos. Dale was identified a thought leader in big data and analytics by Analytics Week, is a contributor to business and technology publications including Wired and ClickZ and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 

His first book, Decision Sourcing, Decision Making for the Agile Social Enterprise, is an inspiring commentary on the impact of social on corporate decision making. His latest, World of Workcraft, Rediscovering Motivation and Engagement in the Digital Workplace, is a timely piece on engagement, motivation and digital humanism in the workplace.

Created 8 July 2018

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