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Danie du Plooy

Johannesburg, South Africa
South Africa Flag
Daniedu Plooy du Plooy

Danie du Plooy is a senior consultant with Eskom in South Africa and currently Head of the National Project Management Office. He is responsible for the assessment of projects during the front-end planning phases (CRA-ERA) as well as assessing projects during the execution phase.  These assessments are conducted by using evaluation tools from the Construction Industry Institute. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in a number of areas including project management, project assessment practices and data analytics, to name but a few.

Danie's career achievements are far reaching and within Eskom alone he has been key to the development of a KM concept, the Project Definition Rating Assessment, the PKHI assessment model as well the introduction of project excellence within the project management fraternity. His professional contributions include the design and development of project management courses, the delivery of papers at local and international conferences including the WANO Conference in Wales, and his registration with professional associations PMSA and SAIChE.

Danie holds a Masters’ degree in Technology (cum laude), a MSc Eng Business Management from the University of Warwick and is currently completing his PhD in Project Management. He can be contacted at

Profile created 8 February 2022

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