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David Johnson

San Antonio, TX, USA
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DavidJohnson Johnson

David Johnson
was Honorably Discharged from the United States Army on November 20, 2013. He served From November 20, 2005 until his discharge as a MOS 12T, Technical Engineering Sergeant. David spent 30 months in Afghanistan conquering the hot sands and austere conditions to perform his job as a surveyor, draftsmen, material tester and quality assurance representative. 

Through all of David’s military experience he had to learn, adapt and progress in environments that were new to him. Much like when in the sands of Afghanistan, David is now set upon learning, adapting and progressing in a professional environment.

David is a student member of the Alamo chapter of PMI, San Antonio, Texas. He looks forward to gaining PMP certification upon completion of his degree.

David can be contacted at  

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